A background story (1)

Hi everyone,

Since last year I have an obsession with natural beauty products. It all started when I got allergic reactions from a product that I used for years. But it really took a while before I found out I was allergic for that product. The doctor said that it was a new product that I had used. But it turned out not to be that new product. Since I was young, I always had a sensitive skin, so I didn´t want to spend more time on it. A month has passed, when I read an interesting article in the newspaper. This article was about a warning from dermatologists. Dermatologists warned that the preservative methylisothiazolinon could gave you allergic reactions. So I went seeing the ingredients of my product, which I knew they give me an itchy skin. And yes, in those products were the preservative methylisothiazolinon .

Since then I banned all the products with this preservative in it out of my house. And that was quite a few products. But there are many other products with other preservatives in it , such as parabens .

But why are there preservatives in most beauty products? Mostly for ensuring that the products last longer than a week or two. Are all preservatives or bad for you? No, but some are just worse for you than others. Also, some people are totally insensitive to all preservatives than other people do. If you have a sensitive skin, it is possible to look at the ingredients before buying a new product, it worked really well for me!

Because I am blessed with sensitive skin, my obsession with natural products began. Now I only have the problem that I ‘m not hugely rich, so it is not possible for me to buy every product in a  natural product form, but it is possible to buy products with the least amount of preservatives. And that is what I do. So I am now testing all kind of easy available and cheap products to look which one is the best one.

Now you know mine background story or, you can almost assume that I will tell you about all kinds of products, which are cheap and are great for your skin. Curious about what kind of products I use en test, keep an eye on my blog! Byebye

Tea Tree Oil

One of the things I want to achieve is to have a perfect looking skin without face make up. During my life I had lots of trouble with a blemished skin. One moment, when I was about 12 years old. I bought a product at a kind of dutch woolworths store. Not the typical store to look for beautyproducts. It was a kind of cheap product, who knows what kind of chemicals were in there. But yeah, still, I bought it. When I opened it at home, it had a very strong scent. I didn’t know what it was, my parents didn’t to. But my of my, that product worked very well! When I wanted to buy it again, they didn’t sold it anymore. So I was left with only that strong aroma of the product.

Few years later, with lots of beauty products that didn’t worked behind me, someone recommended me tea trea oil. And it had the same beautiful scent. Since that day, I am in LOVE with this product. It works for everyting. Scars, acne, itchy headskin, getting rid of insects. First I used this product on itself, now I use it when it is processed in products, like daycream, facial wash.

Some background information. Tea tree oil is oil from the tea tree mostly found in Australia. You can only use it on your skin, don’t drink or eat this. Only external use. Below the wonderful tea tree. I would like to tell you more, but I would say. Just try it yourself and keep looking on this blog. I will post more about tea tree oil products and where you can use it for.



Getting that sunshine onto your face!

OMG how do I love this lovely weather in Holland! It’s so perfect, it’s not that it is hot, but there is so much sunshine out there, I really get a smile on my face because of the sunshine.

With this lovely weather outside, it’s time to get your dresses and other summer clothes out of your closet. Changing the design of your room and eat a lot of icecreams. And one of my most important things, you have a correct reason to wear sunglasses. Because who likes sun in your eyes, well, no one. And were do you get cheaper and more fashionable sunglasses than at the Primark. Yes, you read it well, Primark. I’m kind a obsessed with the primark, because it’s cheap (read, I am a poor student) and you can buy really a lot of stuff there.

Since my discovery of the primark, my sunglass collection grew a lot. My favorites I put below in a picture. You can also see my newest catch from Dille and Kamille, a dutch store with lots of lovely products. The heart shaped piece is a tea bag for loose tea leaves. It’s quite amazing, because you have fresh tea from the best tea leaves. You don’t need to buy any tea bags anymore with all those artificial colors and sugar in it. You have only pure tea leaves. I really recommend this if you drink a lot of tea!

Sunglasses & Tea

Back to the sunglasses, my opinion is that sunglasses are the most important accessory in the summer period. Beside that sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes, it is a great eyecatcher. It can make you to stand out from other people, and that’s what you want. You want to be the one that is checked out, in a positive way. I don’t mean that you have to be that one, that believes she is the best of every one. No, I mean like you may also be seen! My top tree for finding a perfect sunglass,

  1. Find a sunglass that fits your face. Make sure your eyebrows don’t come above the sunglass. And if you have a small face like me, don’t buy a really huge sunglass, because no one will see your face anymore.
  2. Find a sunglass with colors that fit your skintone.
  3. Find sunglasses with prints, a sunglass doesn’t need to fit with your clothes, so make it as crazy as possible.

I hope this will help you to get to find a perfect sunglass and make you feel comfortable. Hoped you liked my post and I would love if you comment :)

Lots of love, Karlijn

//yes I know, my english grammar isn’t the best, but I hope it will get better when I write more//